ConFoo 2019

Mar 15th — Transactions and Isolation with MongoDB — Montreal, Canada

Mar 14th — Time Zones and Calendars are a PITA — Montreal, Canada

PHP UK Conference

Feb 21st — Storing Non-Scalar Data — London, UK


Developer Advocacy Day

Nov 6th — Sharks on the Wire — London, UK

PHP Conference Asia

Sep 29th — Introduction to PHP Extensions — Singapore

Sep 27th — What's new in Xdebug? — Singapore


Jul 12th — What's new in Xdebug?Nottingham, UK

PHP South West UG

Jun 13th — Time Zones and Calendars are a PITABristol, UK

PHP fwdays'18

Jun 10th — Getting the Most out of MongoDBKyiv, Ukraine

Jun 10th — What's new in Xdebug?Kyiv, Ukraine


Jun 1st — What's new in Xdebug?Atlanta, GA, US

May 30th — Scaling MongoDB WorkshopAtlanta, GA, US


May 20th — What's new in Xdebug? — Istanbul, Turkey

May 20th — Introduction to PHP Extensions — Istanbul, Turkey

PHP Tour 2018

May 18th — It's All About the GotoMontpellier, France

OpenStreetMap Q&A

May 9th — Mapping and ElectionsLondon, UK

Longhorn PHP

Apr 21st — Time Zones and Calendars are a PITA — Austin, TX, US

Apr 20th — Introduction to PHP Extensions — Austin, TX, US

Bulgaria Web Summit 2018

Apr 14th — Storing Data in MongoDB with PHPSofia, Bulgaria

PHP Dublin

Mar 21st — Getting the Most out of MongoDB — Dublin, Ireland

PHP UK Conference

Feb 15th — Introduction to PHP Extensions — London, UK

Sunshine PHP 2018

Feb 9th — XdebugMiami, FL, US

Drivers Meeting

Jan 18th — Wireshark for MongoDB 3.6 — Online

PHP London

Jan 4th — Introduction to PHP Extensions — London, UK


phpEM Unconference

Nov 25th — What's new in Xdebug? — Leicester, UK

Nov 25th — Whirlwind Tour of MongoDB — Leicester, UK

php Central Europe

Nov 4th — Introduction to PHP Extensions Warsaw, Poland

Nov 4th — It's All About the GotoWarsaw, Poland

PHP Berkshire

Oct 18th — NoSQL with MongoDBReading, UK

PHP NorthWest 2017

Sep 30th — Storing Non-Scalar Data — Manchester, UK

Sep 30th — Debugging Your Set-Up — Manchester, UK

FrOSCon 2017

Aug 20th — Storing Non-Scalar Data — St. Augustin, Germany

Aug 19th — It's All About the Goto — St. Augustin, Germany

PHP Dorset

Aug 7th — Storing Non-Scalar Data — Bournemouth, UK

Dutch PHP Conference

Jul 1st — It’s All About the GotoAmsterdam, Netherlands

Jun 30th — Locate all the thingsAmsterdam, Netherlands

PHP South Coast

Jun 9th — What's New in Xdebug?Porrtsmouth, UK


May 26th — Scaling MongoDB — Atlanta, GA, US

May 25th — Introduction to PHP Extensions — Atlanta, GA, US

May 24th — It’s All About the Goto — Atlanta, GA, US

PHP Unicorn

May 4th — Scaling MongoDB — Online

OpenStreetMap Q&A

May 4th — Crowd Sourcing a Map of the World — London, UK

MongoDB UG Glasgow

Apr 24th — Adventures into Aggregating Beer — Glasgow, UK

PHP Essex

Apr 19th — An introduction to MongoDB — Chelmsford, UK

Midwest PHP

Mar 18th — Storing Non-Scalar Data — Minneapolis, MN, US

Mar 17th — Grown-up MongoDB: Schema Design — Minneapolis, MN, US

PHP UK Conference

Feb 16th — It's all about the goto — London, UK

Sunshine PHP 2017

Feb 4th — Locate all the things — Miami, FL, US

Feb 2nd — From SQL to noSQL — Miami, FL, US

PHP Benelux 2017

Jan 28th — Locate all the things — Edegem, Belgium

Jan 27th — Debugging Your Set-Up — Edegem, Belgium


MongoDB UG London

Nov 24th — Adventures into Aggregating BeerLondon, UK


Nov 21st — PHP 7 and PHP 7.1 — Brighton, UK

TrueNorth PHP 2016

Nov 5th — Locate all the thingsMissisauga, ON, Canada

Nov 4th — Grown-up MongoDB: Schema DesignMissisauga, ON, Canada

PHP NorthWest 2016

Oct 2nd — It's all about the jumpsManchester, UK

Oct 1st — Scaling MongoDBManchester, UK

State of the Map 2016

Sep 23rd — Progress VisualisationBrussels, Belgium

PHP London

Sep 1st — Grown-up MongoDB: Schema DesignLondon, UK

Nomad PHP

Jul 28th — Grown-up MongoDB: Schema DesignOnline

Dutch PHP Conference

Jun 24th — Debugging: Past, Present and FutureAmsterdam, Netherlands

Jun 23rd — Modern DatabasesAmsterdam, Netherlands

PHP Serbia

May 28th — Grown-up MongoDB: Schema DesignBelgrade, Serbia

PHP Tour 2016

May 23rd — Grown-up MongoDB: Schema Design for Optimal PerformanceClermond-Ferrant, France


Apr 14th — An introduction to MongoDBNottingham, UK

Word Camp London

Apr 10th — Debugging: Past, Present and FutureLondon, UK


Mar 21st — Database Schema Design for MongoDBBrighton, UK

Midwest PHP

Mar 5th — Debugging: Past, Present and FutureMinneapolis, US

PHP UK Conference

Feb 19th — HHVM and MongoDB — the perfect combination — London, UK


Jan 31st — PHP 7 — Brussels, Belgium

PHP Benelux

Jan 30th — One Extension, three Engines — Edegem, Belgium


PHP London

Dec 3rd — PHP 7 — London, UK

Forum PHP 2015

Nov 23rd — One Extension, three Engines — Paris, France

TrueNorth PHP 2015

Nov 6th — Debugging: Past, Present and Future — Toronto, Canada

PHP Barcelona

Oct 31st — From SQL to noSQLBarcelona, Spain

International PHP Conference

Oct 27th — One Extension, three EnginesMunich, Germany

Oct 27th — Debugging: past, present and futureMunich, Germany

PHP NorthWest 2015

Oct 3rd — One Extension, three Engines — Manchester, UK


Sep 25th — From SQL to noSQLGuildford, UK

Day Camp 4 Developers

Sep 18th — Debugging: Past, Present and Future — Online

PHP Warwickshire

Jun 25th — From SQL to noSQLRugby, UK

php[tek] 2015

May 21st — One Extension, Two EnginesChicago, IL, US

May 20th — Debugging: Past, Present and FutureChicago, IL, US

May 18th — MongoDB EssentialsChicago, IL, US

PHP Dorset

Apr 13th — Text wrangling and word smithingBournemouth, UK

PHP Hampshire

Apr 8th — Debugging: Past, Present and FuturePortsmouth, UK

Amsterdam PHP

Mar 19th — Text wrangling and word smithingAmsterdam, the Netherlands

SweetLake PHP

Mar 18th — From SQL to noSQLDen Haag, the Netherlands

MongoDB Belgium Meetup

Mar 17th — Geo queries in MongoDBGent, Belgium

De Montfort University

Feb 24th — From SQL to noSQL — Leicester, UK

PHP UK Conference

Feb 20th — Debugging: Past, Present and Future — London, UK

PHP Benelux

Jan 24th — Debugging: Past, Present and Future — Antwerp, Belgium

Jan 24th — MongoDB Replication — Antwerp, Belgium

Jan 23rd — From SQL to noSQL (tutorial) — Antwerp, Belgium


Glasgow PHP

Dec 10th — From SQL to noSQLGlasgow, UK

PHP Unconference EM

Nov 29th — Your Code Coverage is Lying — Leicester, UK

Nov 29th — Future of Debugging — Leicester, UK

Nov 29th — Normalising the right way — Leicester, UK

PHP Cambridge

Nov 25th — From SQL to noSQLCambridge, UK

PHP Argentina

Nov 7th — From SQL to noSQLBuenos Aires, Argentina

ZendCon 2014

Oct 29th — Debugging: Past, Present and FutureSan Jose, CA, US

Oct 28th — Advanced Date/Time Handling with PHPSan Jose, CA, US

PHP NorthWest 2014

Oct 4th — Debugging: Past, Present and FutureManchester, UK

Oct 3rd — From SQL to noSQL WorkshopManchester, UK


Sep 16th — Geospatial MongoDB — London, UK

PHP Summer Camp

Sep 5th — MongoDB with PHP WorkshopRovinj, Croatia

International PHP Conference 2014 Spring

Jun 1st — From SQL to noSQLBerlin, Germany

php[tek] 2014

May 22nd — From SQL to noSQL — Chicago, IL, US

May 21st — Advanced Date/Time Handling with PHP — Chicago, IL, US

PHP South West

May 14th — From SQL to noSQL — Bristol, UK

PHP Leeds UG

Apr 28th — From SQL to noSQLLeeds, UK

Yii London UG

Apr 15th — From SQL to noSQLLondon, UK

MongoDB UG

Mar 20th — From SQL to noSQL — Cambridge, UK

Midwest PHP

Mar 15th — From SQL to noSQLMinneapolis, MN, US

ConFoo 2014

Feb 27th — Finding a pub with MongoDB and OpenStreetMapMontréal, Canada

Feb 26th — From SQL to noSQLMontréal, Canada

MongoDB UG

Feb 25th — Hunting Postboxes — Montréal, Canada

PHP UK Conference 2014

Feb 22nd — PHP in Space — London, UK

Sunshine PHP

Feb 8th — Advanced Date/Time Handling with PHPMiami, FL, US


Jan 20th — MongoDBLa Clusah, France


Forum PHP 2013

Nov 21st — OpenStreetMap For The Web — Paris, France

ZendCon EU

Nov 20th — Introduction to MongoDB — Paris, France

International PHP Conference 2013

Oct 28th — Finding a pub with MongoDB and OpenStreetMap — Munich, Germany


Oct 9th — MongoDB Introduction — Santa Clara, CA, USA

Oct 8th — Xdebug — Santa Clara, CA, USA

PHP NorthWest 2013

Oct 5th — Getting the most out of XdebugManchester, UK

Oct 4th — Working with MongoDB (tutorial)Manchester, UK

Symfony Live London 2013

Sep 20th — Xdebug for Symfony DevelopersLondon, UK

MongoDB MUG #7

Sep 11th — What time is it where? — London, UK

State of the Map 2013

Sep 7th — Visualising Progress — Birmingham, UK

Sep 7th — Gamifying Map Improvements — Birmingham, UK

FrOSCon 2013

Aug 24th — Gamifying Map Improvements with MongoDB — St. Augustin, Germany

Aug 24th — Finding a pub with MongoDB and OpenStreetMap — St. Augustin, Germany

PHP Hampshire

Jul 27th — MongoDB IntroductionPortsmouth, UK

PHP NorthWest UG

Jul 2nd — Finding a pub with MongoDB and OpenStreetMap — Manchester, UK

Lone Star PHP 2013

Jun 29th — Advanced Date/Time HandlingAddison, TX, USA

Jun 28th — Profiling PHP ApplicationsAddison, TX, USA

International PHP Conference 2012 Spring

Jun 3rd — Storing a City, a Country or even a Planet in a DatabaseBerlin, Germany

Jun 3rd — Introduction to MongoDB — Berlin, Germany

php[tek] 2013

May 16th — OpenStreetMap For The WebChicago, IL, USA

May 15th — Performance Perpetrators: Profiling for ProfessionalsChicago, IL, USA

MongoDB Stockholm

May 3rd — Finding a Pub with MongoDB 2.4 Geo FeaturesStockholm, Sweden

May 3rd — Aggregation FrameworkStockholm, Sweden

MongoDB UG Manchester

Apr 29th — MongoDB 2.4 and Text SearchManchester, UK

BigDataCon 2013

Apr 23rd — Sharding with MongoDBMainz, Germany

Apr 23rd — Storing a City, a Country or even a Planet in a DatabaseMainz, Germany

Brighton PHP

Apr 15th — Introduction to MongoDB — Brighton, UK

MongoDB London

Apr 9th — Finding pubs with MongoDB 2.4's geo featuresLondon, UK


Feb 27th — OpenStreetMap For The WebMontreal, Canada

Feb 27th — MongoDB introductionMontreal, Canada

An Evening with MongoDB

Feb 26th — Storing a City, a Country or even a Planet in a DatabaseMontreal, Canada

PHP UK Conference

Feb 23rd — OpenStreetMap For The WebLondon, UK

PHP Benelux

Jan 25th — MongoDB WorkshopAntwerp, Belgium


MongoDB Tokyo

Dec 12th — ShardingTokyo, Japan

Dec 12th — Schema DesignTokyo, Japan

MongoDB Meet-up #9

Nov 27th — Storing a city, a country or even a planet in a database London, UK

ZendCon 2012 (uncon)

Oct 24th — OpenStreetMap is awesome! — Santa Clara, CA, USA

ZendCon 2012

Oct 23rd — Profiling PHP ApplicationsSanta Clara, CA, USA

Oct 22nd — Hands-On MongoDBSanta Clara, CA, USA

International PHP Conference 2012

Oct 17th — OpenStreetMap For The WebMainz, Germany

Oct 16th — Store a Country in your DatabaseMainz, Germany

PHP NorthWest 2012

Oct 6th — Practical Date/Time Handling — Manchester, UK

Oct 6th — Create your own PHP Extension, step by step — Manchester, UK

Oct 5th — Hands-on Debugging with Xdebug — Manchester, UK

Derick's MongoDB Tour

Sep 24th — MongoDBNashville, US

Sep 21st — MongoDBAtlanta, US

Sep 20th — MongoDBJacksonville, US

Sep 19th — MongoDBOrlando, US

Sep 18th — MongoDBBoca Raton, US


Sep 15th — Profiling PHP ApplicationsUtrecht, the Netherlands

DrupalCon Munich

Aug 23rd — Introduction to MongoDBMunich, Germany

MongoDB Munich UG meeting

Aug 22nd — Indexes and Query OptimisationMunich, Germany


Jul 11th — MongoDB schema designSheffield, UK

Lone Star PHP

Jun 30th — MongoDB and PHP — Dallas, US

Jun 29th — OpenStreetMap and PHP — Dallas, US

MongoDB UK

Jun 20th — Indexes and Query Optimisation — London, UK

Jun 20th — Geolocation, Maps and MongoDB — London, UK


Jun 10th — MongoDB workshopMoscow, Russia

International PHP Conference 2012 Spring

Jun 4th — Profiling PHP ApplicationsBerlin, Germany

Jun 4th — Advanced Date/Time HandlingBerlin, Germany

phpDay 2012

May 18th — PHP Extensions, why and what?Verona, Italy

Ignite London 6

May 3rd — Crowd Sourcing a Map of the WorldLondon, UK

Big Business meets Startup

Apr 26th — MongoDB — London, UK

Tech Meetups World Expo

Apr 26th — MongoDB — London, UK

4Developers 2012

Apr 18th — Geolocation and Maps with PHP and MongoDBPoznan, Poland

Whisky Web

Apr 13th — OpenStreetMap For The WebEdinburgh, UK

PHP NorthWest UG

Apr 3rd — PHP and MongoDB — Manchester, UK

PHP Benelux UG

Mar 28th — MongoDB schema design — Leuven, Belgium

London Web Meet-up

Mar 22nd — PHP and MongoDBLondon, UK


Mar 2nd — XdebugMontreal, Canada

Mar 1st — Profiling PHP ApplicationsMontreal, Canada

PHP London

Feb 25th — PHP and MongoDBLondon, UK

Feb 24th — Profiling PHP ApplicationsLondon, UK

Magento UG

Feb 15th — PHP and MongoDB — London, UK

MongoDB Meet-up

Jan 31st — PHP and MongoDBLondon, UK

PHP Benelux

Jan 28th — PHP and MongoDB — Antwerp, Belgium


PHP Tour Lille 2011

Nov 25th — Profiling PHP ApplicationsLille, France

PHP Barcelona Conference

Oct 29th — Profiling PHP ApplicationsBarcelona, Spain

Oct 28th — Xdebug — Barcelona, Spain

PHP Con Poland

Oct 22nd — Profiling PHP Applications — Kielce, Poland

Oct 21st — Geolocation and Maps with PHP — Kielce, Poland

ZendCon 2011

Oct 18th — Profiling PHP ApplicationsSanta Clara, US

Oct 18th — XdebugSanta Clara, US

Oct 17th — PHP Extensions, why and what?Santa Clara, US

International PHP Conference

Oct 11th — Profiling PHP Applications — Mainz, Germany

Oct 10th — Geolocation and Maps with PHP — Mainz, Germany

PHP NorthWest 2011

Oct 8th — PHP Extensions, why and what? — Manchester, UK

Oct 8th — Why you should be contributing to OpenStreetMap and not Google Maps — Manchester, UK


Sep 17th — PHP Extensions, why and what? — Utrecht, the Netherlands

PHP London

Sep 1st — PHP Extensions, why and what? — London, UK


Aug 20th — Profiling PHP Applications — Sankt Augustin, Germany

eZ Conference 2011

Jun 16th — Profiling PHP ApplicationsLondon, UK


Jun 4th — Profiling PHP ApplicationsMoscow, Russian Federation

php|tek 2011

May 27th — XdebugChicago, US

May 26th — Geolocation and Maps with PHPChicago, US

May 25th — Profiling PHP ApplicationsChicago, US

Dutch PHP Conference

May 21st — Profiling PHP ApplicationsAmsterdam, the Netherlands

May 20th — Geolocation and Maps with PHPAmsterdam, the Netherlands

May 20th — Why GoogleMaps sucks (and you should look at OpenStreetMap instead) — Amsterdam, the Netherlands

PHP NorthWest UG Meeting

May 3rd — Xdebug — Manchester, UK


Apr 3rd — Profiling PHP ApplicationsWarsaw, Poland


Mar 10th — PHP InsideMontréal, Canada

Mar 9th — XdebugMontréal, Canada

PHP London Conference

Feb 25th — XdebugLondon, UK

PHP Uncon EU

Feb 19th — Memory Management, Garbage CollectionManchester, UK

PHPBenelux Conference

Jan 28th — Geolocation and Maps with PHPAntwerp, Belgium


PHP London

Dec 2nd — Analysing Colours in ImagesLondon, UK

Forum PHP 2010

Nov 10th — Geolocation and Maps with PHPParis, France

Nov 10th — Haystacks and NeedlesParis, France

Nov 10th — Debugging with XdebugParis, France


Nov 2nd — Advanced Date/Time handling with PHPSanta Clara, US

London Web

Oct 21st — Geolocation and Maps with PHPLondon, UK

International PHP Conference

Oct 13th — Geolocation and Maps with PHPMainz, Germany

Oct 12th — PHP InsideMainz, Germany

PHP NorthWest 2010

Oct 9th — Geolocation and Maps with PHPManchester, UK


Sep 24th — Debugging with XdebugPrague, Czech Republic


Aug 22nd — Advanced Date/Time handling with PHP — Sankt Augustin, Germany

php konferenca

Jul 10th — The PHP UniverseLjubljana, Slovenia

Jul 8th — Xdebug tutorialLjubljana, Slovenia

Dutch PHP Conference

Jun 11th — Designing for ReusabilityAmsterdam, the Netherlands

Jun 10th — Debugging techniques with XdebugAmsterdam, the Netherlands

International PHP Conference Spring

Jun 1st — PHP on the D-BUSBerlin, Germany

May 31st — PHP InsideBerlin, Germany

Tek X

May 21st — PHP InsideChicago, US

May 20th — XdebugChicago, US

May 19th — Advanced Date/Time handling with PHPChicago, US


Mar 26th — Debugging PHP with XDebugPoznan, Poland


Mar 10th — Advanced Date/Time handling with PHPMontréal, Canada

PHP UK Conference

Feb 26th — PHP on the D-BUSLondon, UK

PHPBenelux Conference

Jan 30th — The PHP UniverseAntwerp, Belgium


International PHP Conference

Nov 18th — PHP on the D-BusKarlsruhe, Germany

Nov 16th — Xdebug — PHP developer's swiss-army knifeKarlsruhe, Germany

PHP London

Nov 5th — PHP Date and Time Programming — London,UK

PHP Barcelona Conference

Oct 30th — KISSBarcelona, Spain


Oct 21st — Time = MoneySan Jose, US

Oct 20th — Xdebug — PHP developer's swiss-army knifeSan Jose, US

PHP NorthWest 2009

Oct 10th — Making your life easier: XdebugManchester, UK


Oct 5th — Debugging with XdebugNew York, US

Oct 5th — Time = MoneyNew York, US

Oct 3rd — Debugging with XdebugWashington, US

Oct 3rd — Improving Your Development ProcessWashington, US

Oct 1st — Debugging with XdebugMiami, US

Oct 1st — Time = MoneyMiami, US

Sep 29th — Debugging with XdebugAtlanta, US

Sep 29th — Time = MoneyAtlanta, US

Sep 27th — Debugging with XdebugDallas, US

Sep 27th — Time = MoneyDallas, US

Sep 25th — Debugging with XdebugLos Angeles, US

Sep 25th — Time = MoneyLos Angeles, US

Sep 25th — Improving Your Development ProcessLos Angeles, US

Sep 23rd — Debugging with XdebugSan Francisco, US

Sep 23rd — Improving Your Development ProcessSan Francisco, US

PHP NorthWest UG Meeting

Sep 1st — Practical Test-Driven Development — Manchester, UK

CodeWorks Webcast

Aug 28th — PHP Date and Time Programmingat home

last.fm techsmosis

Aug 14th — Debugging with Xdebug — London, UK

eZ Conference

Jun 25th — eZ ComponentsParis, France

Dutch PHP Conference

Jun 13th — PHP on the D-BUSAmsterdam, the Netherlands

PHP Vikinger

May 30th — PHP Vikinger — Leuven, Belgium

php|tek 2009

May 21st — KISSChicago, US

May 20th — Haystacks and NeedlesChicago, US

WebTech 2009

Apr 26th — PHP on the D-BUS — Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

Apr 25th — Test Drive Your Development Process — Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria


Apr 18th — Test Drive Your Development Process — Maarsen, the Netherlands

PHP Quebec

Mar 6th — eZ ComponentsMontréal, Canada

Mar 5th — KISSMontréal, Canada

Mar 4th — Of Haystacks and NeedlesMontréal, Canada

eZ Winter Conference

Jan 29th — eZ Components Tutorial (MVC)Barcelona, Spain

Web Programcıları Platformu

Jan 24th — Keynote — Istanbul, Turkey


PHP NorthWest 2008

Nov 22nd — KISS — Manchester, UK


Nov 14th — Test Drive Your Development ProcessAtlanta, USA

Nov 14th — Time = Money - Date and Time with PHPAtlanta, USA

International PHP Conference

Oct 30th — KISSMainz, Germany

Oct 28th — PHP Myths defusedMainz, Germany

Oct 28th — Xdebug TutorialMainz, Germany

PHP Conference

Sep 27th — Xdebug — Barcelona, Spain

ZendCon 2008

Sep 16th — Of Haystacks and NeedlesSanta Clara, US

Sep 16th — Test Driven DevelopmentSanta Clara, US

FrOsCon 2008

Aug 24th — PHP Myths defusedSankt Augustin, Germany

Open Nordic

Jun 19th — eZ Components: What's next?Skien, Norway

Dutch PHP Conference

Jun 14th — eZ ComponentsAmsterdam, the Netherlands

Jun 13th — Tutorial XdebugAmsterdam, the Netherlands

php|tek 2008

May 23rd — Test Driven DevelopmentChicago, USA

May 22nd — Of Haystacks and NeedlesChicago, USA

May 21st — PHP's Dirty SecretsChicago, USA

Open Web Vancouver

Apr 15th — Test Driven DevelopmentVancouver, Canada

Apr 14th — Lego blocks for PHPVancouver, Canada


Mar 27th — Understanding the PHP EnginePrague, Czech Republic

PHP Quebec 2008

Mar 14th — Help, I found a bug in my code!Montreal, Canada

Mar 12th — Explaining the complaintsMontreal, Canada

phplondon conference

Feb 29th — Personal Home Page Tools Have Grown UpLondon, UK

PHP Norge medlemsmøte

Jan 24th — PHP 6Oslo, Norway


Forum PHP

Nov 22nd — PHP's Dirty SecretsParis, France

International PHP Conference

Nov 7th — Personal Home Page Tools Have Grown UpFrankfurt, Germany

Nov 7th — PHP's Dirty SecretsFrankfurt, Germany

Nov 6th — Test Driven DevelopmentFrankfurt, Germany

Zend Conference

Oct 9th — Time = Money - Date and Time with PHPSan Fransisco, USA

php|works 2007

Sep 14th — Time = Money (PHP date/time support)Atlanta, USA

Sep 14th — Input FilteringAtlanta, USA

Sep 13th — 7 (or more) PHP Myths defusedAtlanta, USA


Aug 26th — PHP's Dirty SecretsSankt Augustin, Germany

Aug 26th — PHP 6: PHP goes UnicodeSankt Augustin, Germany

Dutch PHP Conference

Jun 16th — Test Driven DevelopmentAmsterdam, the Netherlands

PHP Vikinger

Jun 9th — PHP VikingerSkien, Norway

eZ Conference

Jun 8th — Unlocking PHP SecretsSkien, Norway

PHP Conf Moscow

May 25th — Exposing Hidden PHP SecretsMoscow, Russia

php|tek 2007

May 18th — Help, I Found a Bug in my Code!Chicago, USA

May 17th — Exposing Hidden PHP SecretsChicago, USA

PHP Norge medlemsmøte

May 10th — eZ ComponentsOslo, Norway

PHP Quebec 2007

Mar 15th — Filtering security problemsMontreal, Canada

Mar 13th — Database DesignMontreal, Canada

Vancouver PHP Conference

Feb 13th — eZ components: RAD with PHPVancouver, Canada

Feb 12th — Efficient Debugging with XdebugVancouver, Canada


PHP Conference Brasil

Dec 2nd — XdebugSão Paulo, Brasil

Forum PHP

Nov 9th — eZ components: RAD with PHPParis, France

International PHP Conference

Nov 7th — PHP 6 and UnicodeFrankfurt, Germany

Nov 7th — Time = Money - Date and Time with PHPFrankfurt, Germany


Sep 15th — eZ components: RAD with PHPToronto, Canada

Sep 14th — Derick's Ranting HourToronto, Canada

Sep 13th — Input FilteringToronto, Canada

WebTech 2006

Jun 30th — PHP 6 and UnicodeSofia, Bulgaria

Jun 30th — eZ components - RAD for PHPSofia, Bulgaria

eZ conference 2006

Jun 22nd — State of eZ componentsSkien, Norway

Jun 20th — XdebugSkien, Norway

New York PHP Conference

Jun 15th — Efficient debugging with XdebugNew York City, USA

Jun 2nd — eZ components IntroSkien, Norway


May 6th — Here cometh UnicodeWiesbaden, Germany


Apr 28th — Derick's Ranting HourOrlando, US

Apr 27th — What Time Is It?Orlando, US

Apr 26th — eZ components - RAD for PHPOrlando, US

Apr 25th — Database DesignOrlando, US

PHP Quebec 2006

Mar 31st — Date/Time HandlingMontreal, Canada

Mar 30th — XdebugMontreal, Canada

Webdeal event

Mar 23rd — PHP 6 and UnicodeOslo, Norway

Mar 23rd — eZ components - RAD for PHPOslo, Norway

php|symphony webcast

Feb 17th — eZ components - RAD for PHPOn line


Feb 10th — eZ components - RAD for PHPLondon, UK


International PHP Conference

Nov 8th — How PHP TicksFrankfurt, Germany

Nov 8th — Unicode and PHPFrankfurt, Germany


Sep 16th — How PHP TicksToronto, Canada

Sep 15th — The PHP ToolboxToronto, Canada

Sep 15th — Unicode and PHPToronto, Canada

ApacheCon 2005

Jul 22nd — Localization and InternationalizationStuttgart, Germany

Jul 21st — PHP Time HandlingStuttgart, Germany

LinuxTag 2005

Jun 23rd — Migrating from PHP 4 to PHP 5Karlsruhe, Germany

eZ Camp

Jun 3rd — ClusteringGaustablikk, Norway


May 14th — Playing Safe: PHP and EncryptionCancun, Mexico

May 14th — Practical Debugging TechniquesCancun, Mexico

May 12th — Clustering PHP and MySQLCancun, Mexico

International PHP Conference

May 3rd — Defending against UsersAmsterdam, the Netherlands

May 3rd — Dominating the WorldAmsterdam, the Netherlands

May 3rd — Playing SafeAmsterdam, the Netherlands

Webtech 2005

Apr 22nd — Enterprise PHP with SRM in eZ publishSofia, Bulgaria

IKT Grenland

Apr 15th — LAMPPorsgrunn, Norway

PHP Quebec 2005

Apr 1st — Encryption and Data SecurityMontreal, Canada

Mar 30th — Performance WorkshopMontreal, Canada

PHPKonferencia 2005

Mar 12th — Speeding up PHP applicationsBudapest, Hungary

Mar 12th — Dominating the WorldBudapest, Hungary

Linux Seminar 2005

Mar 2nd — Introduction to PHPSheffield, UK


Feb 27th — XdebugBrussels, Belgium

Feb 27th — eZ publish Inside OutBrussels, Belgium


Forum PHP Paris 2004

Nov 19th — XdebugParis, France

Intl. PHP Conference

Nov 10th — Enterprise PHP BananasFrankfurt, Germany

Nov 9th — Breaking your Website with moving to PHP 5Frankfurt, Germany

Nov 9th — Multi-lingual developmentFrankfurt, Germany


Oct 1st — Speeding up PHP applicationsZürich, Switserland

Sep 30th — Dominating the WorldZürich, Switserland

Sep 30th — Efficient debuggingZürich, Switserland


Sep 24th — Multi-lingual developmentToronto, Canada

Sep 22nd — Efficient debugging with XdebugToronto, Canada

LinuxTag 2004

Jun 25th — Tuning large PHP applications; an example with eZ publishKarlsruhe, Germany

Jun 25th — XdebugKarlsruhe, Germany

eZ publish Summer Conference

Jun 4th — eZ publish and performanceLangesund, Norway

Intl. PHP Conference

May 4th — Breaking your Website with moving to PHP 5Amsterdam, the Netherlands

PHP Conference Quebec

Mar 25th — XdebugMontreal, Canada

Vancouver PHP Conference

Jan 23rd — Creating extensions and why it make senseVancouver, Canada

Jan 22nd — Playing safeVancouver, Canada


International PHP Conference

Nov 5th — Xdebug — Frankfurt, Germany

Nov 5th — PHP Internals — Frankfurt, Germany

eZ Publish Summer Camp

Aug 22nd — PHP Introduction — Skien, Norway

LinuxTag 2003

Jul 11th — New funks with PHP 5 — Karlsruhe, Germany

NLUUG Spring Conference 2003

May 22nd — PHP 5 Intro (Dutch) — Ede, the Netherlands

International PHP Conference

May 9th — Error Handling and Preventing — Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Conférence PHP Québec

Mar 20th — SRM: Script Running Magic — Montreal, Canada


Forum du PHP 2002

Dec 10th — Zend and Extending PHP — Paris, France

International PHP Conference

Nov 4th — The Performance of your PHP Applications — Frankfurt, Germany

Nov 4th — Xdebug and an introduction to Zend Magic — Frankfurt, Germany

Life Line