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Thanks for attending my talk "PHP Internals Deep Dive" at php[tek] 2023 that I gave on May 16th, 2023. Here you can find some extra information about the talk if they are available. For this talk we have:


If you have any questions about the talk, feel free to contact me. My details are on the contact page.


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This was amazing to watch. Mind-blowing how much is involved in adding functionality to PHP. Derick "just knows" where things are and how to quickly add and debug everything... Very cool.

This was an intense presentation. Thank you thank you thank you for all that you do for the community!

Derick did a fantastic job presenting a very complex topic! I appreciated all the times he pointed out areas where there is room for improvement in the PHP internals. That made the idea of contributing to PHP much more approachable and less scary.

Deep deep look, interesting to see the inside perspective

Exactly what I was hoping to get. Extremely detailed and knowledgable. Thanks for everything you do.