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Thanks for attending my talk "Profiling PHP Applications" at 4Developers that I gave on April 3rd, 2011. Here you can find some extra information about the talk if they are available. For this talk we have:


If you have any questions about the talk, feel free to contact me. My details are on the contact page.


The talks slides can be downloaded at profiling-4dev11.pdf


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Great talk!

Nice talk! You presented many tools which can be very helpful in profiling. As for me, a little too much informations in such short time. Thanks anyway!

Very good talk. Presented nice range of all different tools that u can use for profiling you apps. Also added a bit of humor, which is never bad. And some live demos. I always love that!

Humorous start looking at PHP optimization tips from the Internet got things going well. Nice selections of tools, hadn't tried siege before but I think I will now. The demo sections were handled nicely too - always a screenshot to fall back on if things didn't work.

Real brain power on display. Thkans for that answer!