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Thanks for attending my talk "Debugging: Past, Present and Future" at PHP Hampshire that I gave on April 8th, 2015. Here you can find some extra information about the talk if they are available. For this talk we have:


If you have any questions about the talk, feel free to contact me. My details are on the contact page.


There is a recording of this talk available at


The talks slides can be downloaded at xdebug-phphamps.pdf



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Derick is always a good speaker. Like his style, and never afraid of doing live demos, experimenting on stage. I saw the same talk at PHP UK earlier this year, which inspired me to give step debugging another chance, and it finally worked. Was good to refresh on the points covered here. Not sure if it was the sound or speaking too quickly, but I did miss a couple of words.

It was a good talk this one because it covered the three, past, present and future debugging really well. I liked the idea of the Wayback debugger, I think that will be a great tool in the future. It's also rekindled my interest in trying more live debugging and using breakpoints more to debug stuff.

A really enjoyable talk, I do like live demos :) It has given me a bit more motivation to not just give up when PHPStorm and xdebug don't seem to want to communicate. I could probably have used a bit more time spent on explaining the wayback feature, but I think I pretty much understood it.