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Thanks for attending my talk "Debugging: Past, Present and Future" at ZendCon 2014 that I gave on October 29th, 2014. Here you can find some extra information about the talk if they are available. For this talk we have:


If you have any questions about the talk, feel free to contact me. My details are on the contact page.


The talks slides can be downloaded at xdebug-zendcon14.pdf



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Good demos, plenty of useful information.

Very nice intro to xdebug.

Great session and demonstrations. Plenty of good information to arm all the attendees with tools to be successful debugging. Looking forward to some of Derick's future debugging enhancements.

I'm excited for the upcoming time traveling system that Derick is working on for debugging. It was great to see live demos of the code tracing and even a live debugging session.