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Thanks for attending my talk "Getting the most out of Xdebug" at PHP NorthWest 2013 that I gave on October 5th, 2013. Here you can find some extra information about the talk if they are available. For this talk we have:


If you have any questions about the talk, feel free to contact me. My details are on the contact page.


There is a recording of this talk available at


The talks slides can be downloaded at xdebug-phpnw13.pdf



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Excellent and really interesting talk! Thanks a lot for sharing several "hidden" features of XDebug, I did learnt something new that I will use in my daily work.

This talk was really interesting! So many things I'm not currently doing with xdebug that I will be in the future!

Great talk - lots of stuff to take away and use.

A clear and concise talk with a working live demo. Presented well!

Well if you get a talk on Xdebug, get it from the most knowledgeable person around! A very good technical talk, picked up on a lot of features I should be using (I primarily use it for PHPUnit code coverage). The 'scream' setting will be a life-saver the next time I have to work on our legacy codebase.

Great talk, I knew most of what was talked about, but was still interesting and I did pick up a few new things! Also I might try getting remote debugging working in Eclipse again now. Thanks Derick.

Excellent talk, probably the one I learned the most from! Seems like I've been struggling with debugging all these years and missing out on xdebug! Never knew of some certain hidden features

Great talk which will definitely help me get much more out of my xdebug installs. It helped me understand the exact process in getting connections set up with the IDE and why things have to be configured as they are. The speaker was confident and delivered his knowledge very well.

I learned a lot from this talk. I have used Xdebug on occasion, but I have never really got the best use out of it, so now I have no excuse!

Really enjoyable technical talk - lots of bits I could instantly take away an use.

Excellent talk, I learnt a lot from this, it was also really enjoyable.

This was a great extension to what I already knew about xdebug. Now I know so much more!

I've been using xdebug on a daily basis and still learned a few things! Always a pleasure to see Derick doing a talk. His in-depth knowledge on the subject makes it so much more interesting.

Really good and interesting.

Derick has a great personality and it comes across in his talks. To have somebody talk at length, about a tool that most of us use day to day, we are very lucky to get the creator of the tool himself. I cannot think of any negative points from his talk. I do have 2 full pages of handwritten notes to digest now :)

Whenever I hear Derek talk about xdebug I always come away learning something new - and this was no exception

Brilliant talk, learnt a lot and plenty of things to take away.

Gained vital insights into xdebug. Talk was excellent.

My favourite talk of the conference - always great to hear Derick speak, and this is one of the topics I'd like to hear about from him the most. Within 5 minutes I learned several useful tips about using xdebug - and the rest of the talk enlightened me as to how it can be configured and used to greater effect. The live demo worked well - but it probably could have been shown first for those who were new to xdebug as it shows why you would choose to use the tool at all - followed by how to configure it. Thanks Derick!