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OpenStreetMap: A Year of Edits 2013

Just like the last few years I've analysed all the edits to OpenStreetMap and produced a visualisation. This year I wanted to highlight different projects that OpenStreetMap contributors have done and so instead of having an uniform rotational spinning globe it moved between interesting events.

The result is: OpenStreetMap: A Year of Edits (2013):

OpenStreetMap: A Year of Edits (2013)

This animation shows all additions and modifications of nodes (flashes) and cumulative edits (fading to purple) in 2013.

Some of the highlighted events in no particular order are:

You can see the video in HD on Vimeo.

I have started to make the code for this available through GitHub, but the code is very much not modularized and it is likely it will only work on my set-up. Perhaps I manage to fix this better during the upcoming year!

Mappy New Year!


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Great work Derick congratulations, and thanks for sharing the code. In OSM Colombia we are trying to make it work, so we're looking forward if you could manage to make it easier to adapt. thanks!

So beautiful. Thank you!

Very nice. My Mapping Botswana project was too small in added points obviously to be noticeable on the global scale, pity!

I absolutely love these clips. Now that OSM becomes 10 years old this year, are there any plans to do a 30 minutes version of these 10 years?

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