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OpenStreetMap: A Year of Edits

In the past weeks I've been working on some visualisations related to additions and changes being made to OpenStreetMap. To start of the new year, I hereby present: OpenStreetMap: A Year of Edits (2011):

OpenStreetMap: A Year of Edits (2011)

You can see the video in HD on Vimeo. Happy New Year!

How Did He Do That?

This animation is all made with Open Source software. I haven't had the time to clean up the code to make it releasable yet, but I am intending to do that in the near feature and add it to my OpenStreetMap tools git repository on github.

The first thing I did, was download all the hourly replication files from for the year.

With a script, I scanned over all those XML files and for every three hours I created an image showing the edits of those last three hours (in white), as well as all the other edits in the background (in purple). With 4 frames per day, this gives me 1460 frames.

Each of the frames is an equirectangular projection which I then map onto a sphere with a faded background of "earthmap10k" of (I downloaded it years ago when it was still free to download). For the 3D rendering of the Earth with the edits layed on top of it I used POV-Ray.

I generated two different loops so that I can make two full rotations at different angles. This gives me in total 2882 frames which is about two minutes. The POV-Ray generated images I post-processed by overlaying the progress bar in the lower left and added the fading and merging effects. Then I used mencoder to create a MPEG video out of it. Finally I added the sound track again by using mencoder and uploaded it to Vimeo.


This article has a short URL available:


Very nice visualization :)

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