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Xdebug no longer Open Source

This was obviously an April Fools' joke, Xdebug will continue to stay Open Source and free of charge.

Later today I will be releasing the first Release Candidate of Xdebug 2.1. With regret I have to announce that from this release, I will no longer provide Xdebug as an open source debugger extension. I've noticed that there are other projects making money of Xdebug's success while I only receive donations from a group of awesome supporters.

Xdebug will continue to be available for benefactors on a limited number of platforms that I have access to (Linux 32/64bit and Windows). Please refer to the FAQ for further information.


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Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....... wait..... could this be an April fool?

You have to get up pretty early in the morning to catch me out :-)

Hum... April fools' day? ;-)

You Dutchies are always so skint! :-)

Now THAT is a smart move. OSS is definitely not a way to make money. You should also definitely strengthen support for Solaris, as it being non-free again definitely means it could use a non-opensource XDebug.

Good try, happy April 1st

hmmm... what's the date? and look its before noon too!

This will certainly make XDebug Enterprise-Ready.

@ Bertrand RTFM :)

You got me! :-)

I fell for it...


Huhhuhumm .... does the date have something to do with your decision? :-)

Since when does enterprise-ready mean that it has to be not opensourced? (not to mention the date of today)

Nice try ;)

Happy April Fools Day.

Hi Derick! It is good news! In FAQ, I can't found something about discounts. Can you make discount 30% if I bought 10 copies xdebug?

That was one stressful moment before I checked the FAQ !!! :)

Yeah Derick, I guessed the April Fool's before having opened the link :-D That one was easy ;-)

It took me by surpise, but after giving it a thought - smart move, congratulations! It's a small step towards "enterprising" PHP environment. I'm even more surprised about relatively small price for such functionality :)

Well... which day is today...? ;)

Derick, this is a brave move. I hope it leaves you rolling in money. Is it true that this time next year, you will additionally be releasing it as an iPhone App?

Bad news to start the month with :p

April 1st!

It's good to see Xdebug getting commercial backing but I still have some doubts about its scalability. Can we arrange a trial to ensure a performant solution before we commit?

Can't believe it, you really got me.


I almost believe in that!!

LOL.. Nice one.. You had me there :)

really ? i'm afraid !

You got me! Nevertheless, keep up the good work!

As long as i saw it in the newsreader i believed it!!!! Your bad dutch humor seems to suffer in britain.

looking forward 2 meet u again soonish ;)

I think we've all now been deRick-rolled...


It's the best one, you could won a prize :D

Ok, so now that its 2nd April, please tell us, was it April 1st or not? Not that I would protest or so... Regardless though, this alarmed me to go ahead and donate...

This was obviously an April Fools' joke...

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