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Xdebug Update: April 2021

Another monthly update where I explain what happened with Xdebug development in this past month. These will be published on the first Tuesday after the 5th of each month.

Patreon and GitHub supporters will get it earlier, around the first of each month.

You can become a patron or support me through GitHub Sponsors. I am currently 93% towards my $1,000 per month goal. If you are leading a team or company, then it is also possible to support Xdebug through a subscription.

In April, I worked on Xdebug for about 35 hours, with funding being around 28 hours.

Xdebug 3.1

I have continued to work on the Xdebug 3.1 tasks. I have added an API to that tools can query which modes Xdebug has enabled, no matter how; added compression for profiling file, which both PhpStorm and KCacheGrind/QCacheGrind can read, and I've made some changes to how errors are reported if the Xdebug log is active.

To enable Xdebug Cloud to be used in more situations, it is now possible to replace the "session name" that browser extensions use to activate Xdebug with your Cloud ID. By setting the Cloud ID through the browser extension (or with the GET/POST) parameters, you can now share a single development server with multiple developers all using their own IDE through Xdebug Cloud.

Xdebug Videos

I also continued to produce a few more videos on how to use Xdebug.

The first of these is Profiling with Xdebug in Docker, and the second one is Debugging Unit Tests with PhpStorm on Linux. I will continue to release more videos on YouTube, where you can also find other Xdebug videos in the Xdebug 3 play list.

If you would like to see a 5 to 10 minute long video on another specific topic, feel free to email me at

Xdebug Cloud

Xdebug Cloud is continuing to operate as Beta release, and provides an easy way to debug your PHP applications with Xdebug, without having to deal with complexities with regards to networking.

Packages start at ยฃ49/month, and revenue will also be used to further the development of Xdebug.

If you want to be kept up to date with Xdebug Cloud, please sign up to the mailinglist, which I will use to send out an update not more than once a month.

Business Supporter Scheme and Funding

In April, no new supporters signed up.

If you, or your company, would also like to support Xdebug, head over to the support page!

Besides business support, I also maintain a Patreon page and a profile on GitHub sponsors.


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