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Xdebug moved to a new server

Xdebug 's CVS server was previously hosted at eZ Systems' office, but as I am leaving soon I needed to move this to a different server. At the same time, I decided to also convert from CVS to SVN. So from now on, there is no more, but just a This SVN server doesn't only host Xdebug, but also some of my other projects, such as VLD (opcode dumper to aid PHP engine development), the DBGp specs (debugger protocol as used by Xdebug and ActiveState's debuggers) and my OpenMoko perversions and projects.

Xdebug can now be checked out from SVN with:

svn co svn:// xdebug

All other Xdebug services (mailinglists, web, e-mail and the bug system) moved to the same server as well. Just be aware that DNS servers might still need updating when you try to access the new services.


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