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Xdebug on github

I've just opened my Xdebug repository on github. Importing my old SVN repository was a bit of a task. With the help of Ole Marius Smestad I managed to cook up a bash script to import and fix-up the repository. In the meanwhile I've learned more about git than I ever wanted to know, but still not enough. I maintain that, although git is very powerful, it is also a lot less intuitive than SVN (or even CVS).

In any case, Xdebug is now on github, as well as the Xdebug website (, my proof-of-concept debugging client GtkDBGp and the specification of the protocol that Xdebug uses: DBGp. The issue tracker is still at the old locationβ€”http://bugs.xdebug.orgβ€”and I am not intending to change that. I will keep the SVN repository active for now.


This article has a short URL available:


I agree with you 110%... git is powerful, but less intuitive. Thanks for all your hard work on Xdebug!

I think this is super cool! Is this in the interests of making it easier for 3rd parties to contribute?

I'm curious about the POC, too. I'm not a fan of Eclipse at all really (although it is somewhat of a necessary evil I suppose), and I've used this client in the past as a substitute:

I wonder how similar your POC is/isn't to that one, considering they are both GTK. That client was "ok", but it was lacking some key features and is only acceptable for very basic debugging. Ultimately, I'd love to see a lightweight (compared to Eclipse, which isn't saying much), robust, full-featured, stand-alone client with ample configurability and flexibility. I've never used GTK but perhaps I should look into it! :)

Thanks for all the work on xdebug, it's a lifesaver.

@ken: I had not heard of that client. It's in PHP-GTK though, whereas mine is in just GTK (in C). It works on Linux, and have it compile on Windows. Too many other spare projects right now though!

That's a bold comment, compairing git with CVS. Maybe you [sh,c]ould share your resentment in an extra blog entry. ;-)

I fail to understand why you use git(hub), if you don't like it at all. There must be something appealing about it.

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