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Xdebug finally in Debian

Since a few days, there is a new package in Debian: php5-xdebug . After a few years of talking licenses, due to the help of Martin Meredith and François Marier Xdebug can finally be installed with apt-get. See the synaptic screen shot as well:


This article has a short URL available:


Thanks a lot Derick, it will just make it simplier to convince sysadmins to install it without braking their setup ;)

Cheers! Yann


I was wondering why it was not available just a couple of days ago. Care to say which version is available, and for which deb platform? does not report it...

@Gaetano: It's Xdebug 2.0.3, for Debian unstable.


Thanx, it's now easier and quicker to install.


Which line have I to set in my /etc/apt/sources.list to access this package directly in apt-get ?

Just this one will do: deb unstable main contrib non-free

Just this one will do: deb unstable main contrib non-free

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