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Xdebug 2.0.2

I just released Xdebug 2.0.2. This bugfix release addresses some issues that were introduced with the improved code coverage performance in Xdebug 2.0.1. There are a few other issues left, which will be addressed in a future version.

When I released Xdebug 2.0.0 , I asked users (you!) to send me a postcard if you appreciate my work on Xdebug. So far, I received (only) 26 of them. I put them online at flickr . I am waiting for more ;-) (Address is here ).


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Two cards from Bulgaria ( one is even from my hometown, Russe ) - I am really proud. Come one, guys, you need to catch up :)

Ahh, you have none from the Middle East yet!

you may get better response if you show people how they benefit from it. For example, I'm looking for an debug + profiling solution that works with Eclipse PDT. Currently, this looks like the closest thing.

I just need an Eclipse Profiler, so I have it all in the IDE (instead of having to use WinCacheGrind or KCacheGrind).

Also, posting on the Eclipse PDT site might help.

@Georgi: Yeah, Russe is definitely on the XDebug map :)

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