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Xdebug 2.0.0RC2

This second (and hopefully last) Release Candidate comes just before Christmas as some form of present I guess. There are not many new things in this version but there are lots of bug fixes. The display of stack traces has been optimized a bit more, you can find a screen shot of that here below. Instead of showing the full path and function arguments it instead shows only the file name, and the type of argument. If you hover your mouse of the items the full path and full variables' contents appear.

(Click to see the full version)


This article has a short URL available:


possible packaging problem? i am not too versed in this stuff:

$ pecl install Xdebug-beta downloading xdebug-2.0.0RC2.tgz ... Starting to download xdebug-2.0.0RC2.tgz (259,763 bytes) .....................................................done: 259,763 bytes ERROR: conflicting files found: xdebug/Changelog (
xdebug/CREDITS ( xdebug/LICENSE (
xdebug/NEWS (

xdebug/README (

It looks like you're trying to install pecl/xdebug where you already have pear/xdebug. Try to uninstall xdebug first, and then re-install it.


pecl upgrade pecl/XDebug-beta

will solve the problem of conflicting files noted in the first comment

PHP segfaults when profiler_enable is turned on and UID of the process running the script is different from UID of the process that invoked the script previously. It happens when profiler_output_name is set to crc32 (default setting). Obviously it's because xdebug tries to write the file it has no permissions to write to.

Imo php should not segfault when xdebug is unable to write profiler data.

Bruce, thanks for the heads up. I fixed this now in CVS. Please use the bug system ( in the future though, as it makes it easier for me to track things.

And still XHTML output does not work. :(( It was promised... But now i only get plain text, wich still looks bad until i look at the source. But at least the HTML 3.2 is gone. ;)

Btw: It would be an idea to add a line to the documentation about how to switch output between plain text, xhtml, html and "simple parsable". "xdebug.trace_format" Does nothing on my system (xdebug 2.0.0_rc1, php 5.1.6-r6 hardened, apache 2.0.58-r2)

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