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Why OO sucks...



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Fully agreed! ;)

For a hello world clearly. For bigger apps though it can make sense. Of course everything depends on the goal and the situation :)

and c sucks because you have compile your stuff for a hello world and its so much more lines of code.. and airplanes also suck because i cant park them in backyard.. ; )

make that 'my backyard' not just 'backyard. but hey. they suck anyway.. hehe

It might sound crazy, but I've always liked the old PHP4 object model - just a class and it's methods/properties. If you want something made private, just put _ in front of it. If you want it to be non extensible, just dont extend it, darnit.

I know the actual implementation is lacking, but as far as the coder is concerned, this is all you need really, IMHO.

Anyway, 100k LOC projects should not be written in PHP (or at all, for that matter ;-))

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