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Where is that city?

Some time ago I downloaded a large database of cities around the world, with their geographical locations (latitude and longitude). Now that I'm writing an article on the eZ components for php|architect I was going to demo a small import script and a SOAP service that uses this information. But I didn't have the vagest clue where I got this database from, and what its license was.

What I did remember is that I read it somewhere on planet PHP and with some backtracing I found Henri's post which lead me to the site of MaxMind . This company provides a list of a few million cities including geo-coordinates. They provide it under a very nice license as well. In a few more days I'll be publishing the client so that you can use this Web service as well.


This article has a short URL available:


Thanks for the info. I was just looking for such a database yesterday.

Now for the big question, will either Google or Yahoo go seriously international in their street maps?

They have .. try


Later... I just wanted to play with the SOAP extension :)

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