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What would you ask...

World's most wanted bandit, Mr Bin Laden. My sister was asking on her blog (in Dutch) three questions to her audience. I started wondering and though, why not ask my audience what they would ask Usama, if they ever met him. So here is my question for you:

What would you ask Usama bin Laden if you ever met him? (add your answer by entering a comment)


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I would probably ask: "What time is it?". And then; did you steal my margarita?

Why do you think your god would want you to kill so many people? Your god is Allah the Merciful, not Allah the Vengeful.

How can you live with being the cause of so much death and destruction?

How did you evade capture for so long, when you're supposed to be on kidney dialysis? Who haven't we caught or killed yet in your organisation? What other forms of attack that we haven't considered yet are we most vulnerable to? Show mugshots of the 600 prisoners in Guantanamo bay, and ask: Do you recognise ANY of these people? Can you please confirm, for the record, that you did not co-operate with Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq, and that in fact you two hated each other? Have you tried to obtain nuclear weapons, and if so, how did that go?

Would you like your daily hour's exercise in the morning or afternoon?

Would you like a beer?

How can I be a Al Qaeda general?

"Can I get your hat?"

What shampoo do you use for your beard? Did you feel ripped off when Saddam grew a beard?

Describe your childhood relationship with your mother and father? What event transpired that led to the documentable riff between you and your parents and siblings? And if you had access to a time machine and we could go back to that time, what would you say to your parents to make peace?

  1. Hey! How are you?

  2. Let's go for a beer.

  3. I heard you killed a lot of USA people in the Twin Towers Attack... well... i really don't care at all... what do you say, go for a beer?

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