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What Is Your Salary?

Through the BBC News website I heard about that the Norway Tax Service publishes on their website the annual income of all of their tax payers. I was quite stunned by this as in my opinion this is quite a breach of privacy. The newspapers are also full of lists that compare the incomes of specific groups of public figures. The data is now only online for 3 weeks, but "next year's tax returns will be published online, as per usual, but they will not be removed after three weeks, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg's centre-left government has signalled." Luckily the newspapers are not publishing my annual income yet :) (and yes, you can find that on the net too).


This article has a short URL available:


I don't understand, why is your salary anyone elses business? You work for a private corporation...? In Canada civil servants (government, healthcare, education, etc) who make over $100K/yr have their name and salaries published (online & print) which I can kind of understand (even though the list includes a family member). But private corporations? I agree, breach of privacy with no gain.

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