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What is it with all those Dutch people in this plane

Apparently it is not such a good idea to have a wrong name on your ticket if you're flying somewhere. When printing my boarding pass yesterday after checking in online I noticed that my lastname was written as "Gerardus" (which is my official middle name) and my real last name was missing. I called the service desk and a very nice lady helped me getting my name changed to the correct one. She told me to pick up my new ticket at the ticketing office at the airport.

But when I got there there was something wrong ofcourse - there was no ticket with my last name. Because I was a bit late the people behind the counter were getting a bit nervous, but in the end they figured out that my lastname was spelled wrong again , this time in the form of Rathans. Finally when that was cleared up I could board the plane.

As I'm flying with KLM , the stewardesses speak Dutch on board. It's always funny to listen into their conversations as they not often expect many Dutch people on board. The most interesting quote when encountering the second dutch person on board was (from the other stewardess ofcourse) "What is it with all those Dutch people on this plane". Atleast the Dutchies are not complaining about the flight not offering alcoholic beverages, unlike the Norwegians on the plane ;-)


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