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Webtech 2005 in Sofia (1)

Sofia is an interesting city. Unlike Budapest in Hungary it does not seem to have fully recovered from the communist area - the whole city seems to be in scaffolding still. The conference is well organised and our hosts, Bogomil, Kristina and Boyan are very friendly. After my session on SRM, we wanted to see something of the city and they were very pleased to come with us.

Sofia is pretty nice, but it also has it's shabby sides. On our way from hotel Medic to the conference area it was pretty hard to miss the shelterless people looking for food in the trashcans. The conference area itself is huge, there where atleast 400 people in there for Richard Stallmans (repeated from FOSDEM) talk on Copyright and the "Information Age". For my talk on SRM and eZ publish there where less people - about 250 - but they did ask questions and they seemed guininely interested.

For dinner we want to "The Parrot" and had food and some wine - a really nice social event with some of the organisers, the folks from Maguma (Alexander and Landon) and some other people. Stallman was already gone - too bad Bogomil still didn't tell us the "Stallman-story". But the "Alexander-story" was interesting too: he was denied access to the country after he tried to get into the country with his Italian ID card, because his passport was expired (3 years ago) - at the end he did manage to get into the country though on a provisional passport.

And the end of the day I also made some shots of the Moon in conjunction with Jupiter .


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Thanks for comming. Your presentation was really interesting.

Number of people does not have to bother you (quality/quantity issue) :)

Great speech. I hope you will come again next year for another one. Thakn you !!! Dimiter

Very interesting presentation. Thank you! :)

What about WebTech (2). ;) Great speach. I would like to ask you some questions about Xdebug.

Dear Derick, i remember! it was great and thanks for for all. Your and landons speach was in english, but interesting.


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