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Wanted: DBGP (Xdebug) client

Xdebug is finally nearing version 2 and the only really important thing missing is a good and simple client that can speak the DBGp to interact with Xdebug . As I have no clue myself about GUI programming, I am hereby asking for your help to write a simple GUI application (QT/KDE/GTK/Gnome) that can do this.

This GUI application should be as standalone as possible, run on Linux and implement the full DBGp specification, including setting breakpoints, seeing stack traces, inspecting variables and stepping through code. Editting scripts in the interface should not even be possible.

If you are interested, feel free to write me at either or preferrably through the mailinglist. I can provide all the help that you need with the protocol.


This article has a short URL available:


It would be interesting to see a PHP-GTK2 application for this.

I've started this many times. I've got a basic PHP class to interact with DBGp if anyone is interested in that. I also started tinkering with PHP-GTK and DBGp, but I haven't had much chance to actually get anything done.

Let me know if you're interested (this is directed at anyone, not just Derick).


PHPEclipse plugin for Eclipse supports XDebug in a developpement build. Maybe it will suit your needs.

@JMF: No, I don't want an IDE, there are plenty of those. What I am looking for is a simply debug client without a lot of overhead. Speed is very important, and simplicity as well.

Sean - if you can dump that class somewhere, may take a shot with wxPython, following from this experiment:

In theory that would be cross-platform (GTK2 on Linux)

@Harry: There is already a python based client (command line) and a set of classes for it. It's available in

Sean, can you post your class somewhere, I'd be interested in having a look at it.

I don't know about Linux, but I already made a GUI with Cocoa for MacOSX. Unfortunately, this was for version 1 and it doesn't work with 2. I stopped development, waiting for the project to get more stable.

I don't know dbgp at all, I will have to learn. I don't care about an IDE neither.

Eventually, you can send me the class to golgote at Thanks.

Derick, how about tsWebEditor. Open source at project

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