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Transliteration in Use

As you might have noticed I changed something in the layout of this site: photography on the right, and coding/rants on the left. Besides this change, I also got rid of my ugly permalinks and instead I now generate nice URLs with the transliteration extension. This turns blurb titles as "PIC vs. non-PIC, take #2" into the URL friendly format "pic_vs_nonpic_take_2". I also use filters to normalize ligatures (å to aa) and to remove diacritical signs (ç to c).


This article has a short URL available:


Have you considered using hyphens instead of underscores in your URLs? I think people consider hyphens to be friendlier, so while I still use underscores in my code, I've adopted hyphens for my URLs.

Hyphens are friendlier? As in they're more likely to make you a coffee?


Both are fine... but I'm not going to change my URLs again ;)

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