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I'm on my way to Budapest for the yearly PHP conference there. I'll be speaking on Multi-Lingual development and PHP and Performance. I need to take two planes to get from Torp/Sandefjord in Norway to Budapest, through Amsterdam. Well that is all fine and dandy, what is not nice is that I've to wait 5 hours here at Schiphol (Amsterdam's airport) AND I had to get up at 4:15am to get my early morning flight at 6:30am. Annoying. For some reason they did give me a business class seat, allthough that's totally pointless on a Fokker 70.

At Schiphol they have some new directive I think. Instead of just calling the names of passengers when they are late, the new announcement goes like: "Passenger John Doe, immediate boarding at gate D7 - you are delaying the flight. We will proceed to unload your luggage from the plane." Frightening :)


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Really annoying in 2005, especially for those who deal with cutting-edge technology knowing that many things could be done in a better way easily on this world. Announcement lol.

Have a good time in Budapest and see you tomorrow on the conference!

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