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Life Line

Walking the London LOOP - part 21 (part 2) and 22

We traveled to Noak Hill by various means of transport. We traveled to Liverpool Street by tube, then train to Harold Wood and then by bus to the point where we aborted last time. Or sorta, as the bus stopped 50 meters short or so.

Section 21 (part 2)

Just after we got off the bus, we spotted another couple doing the LOOP. They were slightly faster than us, although we did catch up with them near the end of section 22. The first few hundred meters were tough going, as it was near a brook through some woods. With lots of fallen over trees and some very narrow paths. But this didn't last very long and we walked a bit besides Carter's Brook, a tributary of the Ingrebourne river, before entering Central Park. This Central Park is not nearly as large as the one in New York, but it did have a bench with Henry VIII behind it.

After Central Park we followed the path besides Paines Brook and after a while we walked past The Old Brickworks to get back to Harold Hill station to finish this short part of section 21. We skipped going to the pub The King Harold as we've only been going for about ¾s of an hour.

Usually at each section's start there is a nice brass plaque for that section. Unfortunately, at Harald Wood Station, it was gone. Likely vandalized.

Section 22

Continuing past the Archibald Road allotments we soon came upon Harold Wood Park with its cricket club and play ground. I attempted to take a nice photo of a tree with coloured leaves with the Sun just behind it, but the result wasn't as good as I would have hoped.

From Harald Wood Park we crossed into Pages Wood, although, most of the wood seemed to just have been planted. It was more of a walk through a meadow with some small trees on the sides, than a "wood". It was quite pleasant though, and because it was quite warm, we decided to have a little picnic just before we left it.

Then came a rather nasty section of the walk, past a road, and across the A127. Another mile later, we happily left the roads behind to go through some fields, and we walked besides the Emerson Park School's playing fields towards Upminster Bridge station, where the walk ended.

We really didn't stop at any pub throughout this walk, but on the way home, we called out our favourite cider pub, the Euston Cider Tap for some refreshing drinks. This was nearly the warmest walk that we did, so we thought we quite deserved our pints. Only one walk left now!

The weather was really warm and sunny at 25°C, although towards the end there were more clouds. We took 2¼ hours for the 11km.

The photos that I took on this section, as well as the photos of the other sections of the LOOP, are available as a Flickr set.


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