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Speaking at PHP Quebec 2006

At the end of March 2006 I will be giving two talks at the 2006 edition of the PHP Quebec conference . I will have one talk on Xdebug and another one on handling dates and times with PHP.


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Is it just me or is the link to the Quebec Conference site being redirected to

The link had http://http:// ... which IE I guess redirects to Microsoft.

No, it's an acknowledged "feature" of Firefox whereby it performs an involuntary Google "I'm feeling lucky" seach on the text following the initial scheme declaration

if it cannot find a server associcated with that text (or someting like that- I'm not going to dig any deeper than what I have already).

And MS just happens to be the result of doing an "I'm feeling lucky" on "http."

Sorry to waste your bandwidth- I should have done a little more debugging first.

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