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Life Line

Walking: Southall to Uxbridge

There were strikes on this weekend, so instead of taking a train out of London for a walk, I decided to do a few urban Slow Ways routes, from Southall via Hounslow, Harlington, and Iver, to Uxbridge.

Southall has a brand new station, built for the Elizabeth Line, to replace the slightly dingy one just to the south. From here, I walked a short stretch along a few residential roads, although there was a nice cycle path along the road to the Grand Union Canal.

Fences :-(

Instead of going through Wolf Fields Park, the route took me around it with fences on both side. I don't know what. After a few more residential roads, I crossed under the M4 although the route's surroundings stayed the same. After crossing the A4 the route briefly goes through Lampton Park, where my planned route was blocked due to a new development. The detour through the park was probably more pleasant though. As it seems like a temporary blockage, I don't think the route needs adjusting.

A Road

From Hounslow Central I returned back towards Lampton Park, where a fun fair was just breaking up. This caused a few annoyances are trucks and cars where on the footpath in the park. Although the route tries to avoid main roads as much as possible, the slog along the A4 towards Heathrow was particularly unpleasant.

After crossing the River Crane, the walk finally moved away from a busy road, first along Cranford Park for a little, and then along a lane (with pavement) towards Harlington.

Cranford Park

After Harlington, the route continued much as before, by going along a lane. It was not busy with traffic, and there was a fair amount of open space so it wasn't that bad in the end. After going through the little village of Harmondsworth, the walk became actually pleasant, even though it started through a graveyard.

Blossom Snow

It was a little muddy going around Saxon Lake, but it was quiet and green with a white dusting of fallen blossom. The crossing underneath the M4 had some graffiti on it. Mostly the annoying kind.

Too Tall for the Tunnel

The route continued following the River Colne, through some nice green woods. There was then a short (but safe) section without pavement, and a very narrow footpath towards Thorney. Here the route went alongside a golf course, and it some points crossed it. Crossing underneath the Great Western Main Line was haphazard, as the tunnel was not quite high enough for me!

The route then followed the Colne Valley trail/footpath for a bit all the way towards the Grand Union Canal's Slough Arm. I always liked walking alongside it and this weekend was no exception.

The Slough Arm

After leaving the canal, the walk into Iver is again along a main road, as bridge across the canal had collapsed a few years ago.


Beyond Iver, my walk followed a section of the Beeches Way which I walked at the end of 2021.

After a lovely walk here, I crossed the M25 into London again. After a short stretch along Iver Lane, my walk joined the London LOOP along the lovely River Colne, with a fair amount of butterflies, to finally end up at some residential streets in Uxbridge, which brought me to the station, and then home (and the pub!).


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