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Life Line

Something You Don't Want to Hear on an Airplane

When attempting to go home from a short holiday I had the "luck" of a broken plane. After some 15 minutes they provided us with a "reserve kist" (Dutch for "spare box") that would take us back to Norway. 20 meter into the taxiing procedure we suddenly stopped and were towed back to our parking spot. The captain came on the intercom and said "We just had a computer crash, we'll reboot it in somewhat the same way you reboot your Windows XP machine at home." - Definitly not good :) (I did make it home alive though).


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As a common friend of us would say "The mighty power of Thorr helped you!".

Holy smokes... what Airline was that? Creepy.

So it crash just like Windows and rebooted just like windows.

Why on earth did you posted that today? I'm flying tonight! :(

Glad you made it.

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