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Solar Eclipse

Only two weeks after the Lunar eclipse on May 16th we had another eclipse, a partial annular solar eclipse. Because much of the theory is the same as last time we're going to skip that.

The path of the eclipse made it so that the eclipse would be total just before sunrise so we would see the sun rise in a 'weird' way. Sun rise happened at 5:29am today so I had to get up early in order to witness this event. When I drove to my spot I saw that I wasn't the only person waking up to see the event, and I ended up watching with about 15 other people.

In the first ten minutes there was nothing to see, until 5:41 where we finally spotted the sun. I started taking pictures every 30 to 60 seconds in order to make a nice composition photo of the progress of the eclipse. All images are taken with a Minolta 404 camera on a Fujicolor 200 film, F=5.6 and the shutter speed varies from 1/60th ( first photo in the series, taken at 5:41:15am) to 1/250th ( last photo in the series, taken at 6:06:45am). The best photos are placed here, all other pictures can be found here.

Disclaimer: Diagrams linked are ยฉ Fred Espenaks page. Photos are ยฉ by Derick Rethans and can not be used in print or electronic publishing without written permission.


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