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Private Properties Exposed

For our Components project we are ofcourse writing unit tests (with PHPUnit ). Sometimes you would want to test whether a private property contains the correct data, and of course with the normal visibility rules you can't access those from your unit test. There is an interesting trick for this, which I'll share here:

class foo {
    private $bar = 42;
$obj = new foo;
$a = (array) $obj;
echo $a[$propname];


This article has a short URL available:


$f->{"0Foo0id"} (for private members) and $f->{"0*0name"} (for protected ones) used to work. Too bad someone added a "Cannot access property started with '0'" fatal error to the Zend Engine in the meantime, making necessary the array-cast hack presented here...

I'd rather have ReflectionProperty->setAccessible(TRUE) like (insert other programming language here):)

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