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PHP Vikinger Wrap-up

Last Saturday (June 9th) was the second installment of PHP Vikinger , a PHP un-conference. Just like the previous year a group of about 30 people from many European countries attended and shared their PHP knowledge.

I collected the slides of the "presentations" for most of the talks. We had a talk on MySQLND by Andrey Hristov, one on PHP 6 migration (by me, no slides), one on creating images with PHP (by Kore Nordmann ), one on The Age Of Literate Machines (by Zak ) and a short introduction to Xdebug by me again.

A delegation from PHP Norge , the Norwegian PHP User group, also video-taped some of the presentations. Their recordings can be found on their web site . Other links to PHP Vikinger coverage: Bjarte S. Karlsen and Knut Urdalen .


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Hello! I found problem opening your slides on this topic.

Filename: vikinger7.pdf Filesize: 60128 bytes I doubt it's too small.

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