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PHP Vikinger Announcement

The PHP Vikinger is a community-driven PHP event that will be held in Skien, Norway on June 9th. Like the famous Foo Camp and Bar Camp, PHP Vikinger is driven by its attendees. The people who come choose and present the sessions at the event.

Attendance is by a mix of invitation and registration. A bunch of invitations have been sent to various PEAR and PHP contributors and last year's attendees; and there are of course spots open for people who register normally. Additionally, the invitees have been asked to invite other people who they think would be cool to have at this event. There is about a hundred open spots in total.

The event is meant to be as affordable as possible; registration is free, and simple food (lunch) will be provided. The major expense for most attendees will be the cost of travelling to Norway.

For more information, visit , where you will also find information on how to register and some links to pictures of last year's PHP Vikinger.


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