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PHP Related Spam?

I was surprised to see PHP related SPAM. Today my mailbox received this mail (links are mangled so that the site doesn't get more hits through search engines).


Let me inform you about 50% discount on PHTML
Encoder PRO price.  This offer is valid up to
5th January 2004.

This product available for on-line, phone,
fax or post mail purchasing through RegNow:

...some more stuff...

- -
Best regards,
Sergey Repetov, Ph.D.
RS Software Lab
www r s s o f t l a b com

It makes me wonder how this person got his PhD, especially when you know what this product does. (And no, it's not up to par with either Zend's SafeGuard Suite or IonCube's encoders. (Actually, even APE has a much better 'encoding').


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