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PHP References Article

The June 2005 issue of php|architect published an article on "References in PHP". The article explains in detail how variables exactly work in PHP, in a hopefully clear text and with diagrams.

The magazine kindly allowed me to publish a PDF of this article on my site so that it can reach a greater audience. You can find the PDF here .


This article has a short URL available:


That's a little freaky - in Firefox on my system, it starts to load, then jumps over to the php|a page talking about the print edition...

It seems that the whole image on the first page has an HTML link to that page... Just don't click on it and you will be fine :)

It's pretty hard to get ones hands on internal architecture documentation when usage documentation is so abundent.

Thank you!

What good is it to have a tool and not know what it does. So many PHP books I have read skip on the important technical parts. Thank you Derick for helping me to understand PHP references.


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