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PHP Quebec Conference - RIP: PHP 4

A few weeks ago already I spend some time in Quebec (that's in Canada) at the fifth conference organized by the PHP User Group there. As usual the conference was great, and the pre-conference skiing trip was even better. I always like going to Montreal, not only because of the cool conference, but also because of all the extra events that are happening there (which mostly involve (too much) alcohol). Some, but not all pictures are here . At the conference I gave a talk on Database Design and a talk on the input filter extension in PHP. You can find the slides for both talks on my talks page.

During the closing keynote session the audience was asking the PHP team / speakers questions, and one of the questions was "When will you stop support for PHP 4?". At that moment we couldn't really give an answer, but now we finally can. Support for PHP 4 will be dropped at the end of the year, 8 months from now. So now is the time to start upgrading all your scripts as we won't be releasing new versions after December 31st, 2007.


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/me dances on its grave

Ding dong the *itch is dead....

So is this an April Fool's joke, or for real? :-)

Finally!!! Long live PHP 5!

This is great news, though I don't suspect it will be the end of PHP 4.

Someone we no doubt step up to provide patches to any new security issues.

Finally PHP developers should have a really good reason to upgrade :)

I wonder if this is really a good idea with still 85% market share of PHP 4

I wonder if this is an april fool, seeing the date of the post...

I hope it is not ;)

I back Niko on that !

Kill them all ! PHP 5 rulez !

Better still, kill off php5 and enjoy the power and speed of version 4!

Version 5 only adds bloat and slows everything down. php5 has nothing to offer that can't be accomplished in version 4.

'nuf said.

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