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Life Line

PHP QuΓ©bec 2005

It has already been a week since I got back from the PHP QuΓ©bec conference. I am simply too busy to keep my blog updated.

The conference was - just like previous years - well organized and I think that attendees got a versatile program to chose from. Before the conference Marcus and I went on a two day skiing trip to Monte Sainte Anne. The skiing area is pretty large there with more than 50 pistes. We were at the end of the season which means that the pistes were quite empty too and the sun was shining well - which makes for excellent skiing although the snow was a bit slow due to the sun.

The way back from MontrΓ©al was long, and I had a one and a half hour delay when leaving because first the wrong luggage was loaded into the plane, second because the correctly loaded luggage made the plane off-balanced and third because we had a "medical emergency". We were about 40 minutes late in Amsterdam where I had to wait another 6 hours for my connecting flight to Torp/Sandefjord . I was pretty happy when I got home finally after 18 hours of travel.


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