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PHP in Brasil

My first trip to South America has a busy schedule. Yesterday I flew from Norway to São Paulo to present at the PHP Conference Brasil . Tomorrow I will present Xdebug , and explain how it can help with debugging PHP applications quicker and easier.

On Monday the 4th I will give a workshop on the eZ components where attendees will learn on how to use the most important components that are parts of the eZ components . There are still places open, so feel free to sign up!


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Hey, Derick.

I've just want to state here that it was a pleasure to meet you.

Hope everything goes fine while you're here.

Best regards,


Hi Derek,

Hope you enjoyed your trip sofar and that all goes well at the Cataratas and Porto Alegre !


We want that chicken hearts picture! :) Have a nice trip to Porto Alegre and Cataratas! --Marcelo

yeah, don't forget to send all the pictures to me too ... Was nice to meet you, and I hope to see you, in 2007 on PHP Conference Brasil 2 ;)

Hey Derick! It was a pleasure to meet you and to have a chat with you. I saw an interview you gave here in Brazil, and you mentioned something about ezSystems opening an office in Brazil, Porto Alegre i think you said. Are these concrete plans? I'm actually very interested in ezSystems line of work. Well if you can send more details I would be grateful.

Thanx again.

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