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pfcongrez, P2P Конференция, php|tek, PHP Vikinger, DPC and eZ Conference and Awards

The above mentioned conferences all have one thing in common: I'll be speaking. At the first conference, pfcongrez I will be talking on implementing Test Driven Development as a model for software development. A modified version of this talk I will also give at the next conference, P2P Конференция (P2P Conference) in Bulgaria. At this same conference I will be talking on using PHP as development language for GSM based applications on mobile computing platforms running Linux, where I will use the pecl/dbus extension to talk to the interface framework available on the OpenMoko platform. This same talk I will also give at DPC in Amsterdam. In between however I will go to Chicago to speak at php|tek on search technologies in my "Haystacks and Needles" talk and on simple architecture in my KISS talk. Before DPC I will also go to Leuven for PHP Vikinger , an unconference that I'll be organizing for the 3rd time. This year it is no longer in Norway, but instead we moved to Leuven in Belgium. It is also de-coupled from the eZ Conference and Awards which will be in Paris.


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Hi Derick,

I was at the conference and just dropped in here to say Hi. Your presentations were really nice and useful(especially the on about TDD). So, thanks I guess :)


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