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Pasta alla Carbonara

Here is a recipe for a simple but delicious meal: Pasta alla Carbonara. This special version is compiled by Jani Taskinen:

Sniper's Pasta alla Carbonara


  • spaghetti (enough for persons eating)

  • egg yolts (2 per person)

  • dized smoked bacon

  • sliced leek

  • crushed, chopped garlic (if you like it, a lot of it)

  • grated fresh parmesan cheese

  • olive oil

  • black pepper

  • salt

  • cream

Steps to prepare it:

  • Cook spaghetti in salted water (don't cook it too dente)

  • While cooking spaghetti, fry the bacon, onion, leek

  • When pasta is ready, dry it, add some olive oil and mix

  • Mix the bacon, onion, leek, crushed sliced garlic and some parmesan with the spaghetti (optionally 1dl of cream too)

  • Add some black peppar and depending on your taste, some salt

  • Add the egg yolts, mix and serve immediately. (with some parmesan tossed on top)

Bon appetit!


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It sucked.

Thanks ;), but there is also the possibility that your cooking skillz are just not good enough :-)

takeout food has a completely new meaning after you tried this. mmm.. chinese noodles with shrimp, yummy :D

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