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Life Line


We slept in a bit but were in time to catch Harry's 'controversial' talk on using PHP as a post processing tool by making it parse incoming requests including images. Although something like this is nothing really new, itwas interesting to see how he solved some of the problems.

After this talk we went in search of a powersocket adapter to give some juice to our laptops as that was badly needed for the talks I had in the afternoon. After lunch I saw a talk on Viva, a MVC framework in PHP 5, but I found it not very convincing. Then it was time for my own two talks on Multi-lingual issues and Xdebug. I was luckily enough not totally rasmussed by the jsr170 talk. The audience seemed pretty interested, which is of course always nice.

In the evening we tried to find the restaurant -- Les Halles -- a not-so-easy task. After dinner Christian invited us to come to a bar close to his office... which apparently was in the middle of a red light district. It seems that Christian found the best location possible. (And no, the bar he took us was not a strip-club).


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