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No Need for a Map

That's right - I will not need a map for my next trip. Tomorrow I'll go back to the Netherlands, and this time by car. It's a long 11 hour-or-so drive, but they're all familiar roads. In the next month I have a busy schedule.

Next week I'll be speaking at the Intl. PHP Conference in Amsterdam on "Dominating the World" (Internationalization), "Defending Against Users" (SAPI Input-filter) and "Playing Safe" (Encryption).

Then I will visit my parents for a few days until I head off to Mexico for php|tropics where I will speak on "Clustering PHP and MySQL ", "Practical Debugging Techniques" (with Xdebug ) and "Playing Safe" (Encryption).

The weekend after I return from Mexico I will drive back to Norway again for eZ's Summer Camp in the first week of June, where I will have a talk on "Optimizing eZ publish and Enterprise Hosting".


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Yeah, don't give the guy a map, you'll get more lost that way. :)

Only if the map is 4 years outdated ;-)

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