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No Darwinism in the US

I stumbled upon this link - interesting to see that they still don't see the truth, or perhaps just want to see it. I find it disturbing though that the state is so much influenced by the church - I thought that they idea of secularism was to keep them as seperate as possible.


This article has a short URL available:


Hey - be careful there... that's hitting mighty close to home for me ;-)

Actually, the Kansas border is about 3 miles from where I live. Unfortunately, for the people driving this case they view the separation of church and state as the separation of state from church only - any interference started from the church's side is fine. They've gone so far as to pay salaries to scientists who expound their point of view just to give their argument credence. A local alternative weekly has a commentary on the whole process:

I've yet to make it all the way through, but past on their previous reporting I'm sure it does a descent job.

-Travis (

Actually IMHO Evolution requires faith as well and Creationism is science as well. Neither one can be scientifically proven. But I don't think they should not teach evolution in classes. An acceptable solution would be to teach the basics of both sciences.

It's the "Air-Conditioned Nightmare".

Here how a php guru use the Darwinism syntax to share his crap:

@LacKac: Creationism is no science, it's a story made up by people a couple of thousand years ago that had no notion of science whatsoever. There is no single proof that it could have been done that way, although there is plenty of proof for Darwins theory.

@Derick: When talking about science I didn't mean the Bible only. But if you accept that an intelligent being exists who could have created the universe then everything makes sense. There are many famous scientists who do believe in creation. I can suggest you to read the works of Werner Gitt and the very interesting book of Robert V. Gentry Creation's Tiny Mystery []. Of course many of these couldn't be accepted without faith. But many areas of the science of evolution are still not proved to be acceptable entirely. There are still many missing links. I don't want to make you believe in Creation. I know I couldn't do that. But you couldn't prove me the opposite either. I just wanted to make it clear that Creationism is science at least as much as Evolution is.

@LacKac - The idea that "Creationism is science" us one of the current Big Lies. Creationism , at minimum, has neither a testable mechanism or can be falsified. Like 2/3 of Americans and most people on Earth, you haven't the slightest inkling about what science is. I doubt you have a grasp of what supernaturalism actually is either.

In the many thousands of years of recorded human history, the ideas you expouse have not changed at all. In that same time science has and continues to contribute to the betterment of mankind. Scientists follow the path described by people like Jesus, while people like you follow another path.

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