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New website layout

Just like Xdebug's server was moved1 to a new VPS at XtraHosting so did my personal website (the one you're looking at). Hosting it on my own gives me full control over what software runs it, and which PHP version and extensions I run. I switched most of the code from a PHP 4.1 atrocity to PHP 5.3 goodness.

At the same time, I also moved all the contents from some self-invented XML format to reStructuredText. reStructuredText is a format that can be parsed and transformed into other formats by eZ Components' Document component. Right now I am transforming to HTML only, but in the future I will also transform certain articles to PDFs. Comments can also make use of some of the reStructuredText formatting options, but there are still some things that need sorting out there.

Besides changing the layout and converting the content to a more manageable format, I also introduced a stream of dopplr, flickr and twitter updates on the right side. This is implemented by parsing the relative RSS feeds from the different sources. If location information is present, this is also shown in this feed. Previously I would only export an RSS feed for all of the content, but with this site update, there is now a feed for every tag that I've used. All RSS functionality is provided by the Feed component of eZ Components (although a patch is currently needed for the location information).

I'm not a 100% happy with the new layout, so most likely I will be doing some changes in the near future.


This article has a short URL available:


Looks good, is the entire SW behind this site custom, using ez Components of course?

It's all custom, and mostly using eZ Components (The Feed, Database and Document parts). I still need to change it to use MvcTools, but that will have to wait until after I'm done with some Xdebug things.

I'm the last person to be able to comment on design, so I won't :)

But if you're as happy with XtraHosting as I have been, then you're in for a long and happy relationship with them. I've no affiliation with them at all, I just find that Good hosts are hard to come by so I like to spread the word.

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