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I finally took the effort to buy a new camera. It's a Nikon D70. I decided against buying one of the (crappy) bundled lenses but instead bough a f=1.2 55mm second hand. As soon as I got the camera and lens assembled I started playing with it ofcourse, and fortunately the sky was looking really nice.

I'm not sure how this effect occurs, but the sun is already below the horizon and shining from below on the clouds. If anybody can explain why it colours so nices, please leave a comment. You can find a high(er) resolution version here .


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I just bought a D-70 too. Why did you rate the kit lens as 'crappy'??

Well, compared to a f=1.2 lens, the standard 18-70mm f=3.5 - f=4.5 performs much less. It's likely a good lens... but the light sensivity is (of course) not as good as a f=1.2 lens.

What a miraculous photo--the diffraction of light through vapour, like a rainbow, maybe?

I guess what you've seen there is an aurora. There has been some solar activity around iirc. See this extraordinary beautiful webpage for more pictures :)

Maarten, no, this is definitely a cloud. I'm just wondering why it is coloured liked this.

So it wasn't moving? Mmmh.. I guess your sky is haunted and Norwegians are just used to it so they don't care. :)

Hey, I actually know this stuff! It's not aurora borealis, it is called "mother-of-pearl clouds" and is caused by light reflecting from clouds of ice crystals at high altitude. It normally occurs with the combination of deep cold and strong winds. I've seen it once before. As a guy said, it looks like someone has spilled oil on the sky.

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