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Life Line


Moving, it's not my favorite hobby but you will almost always move to a better location. This weekend we decided to move to our new office, with a lot more space. No more crowded office, annoying people and parking problems. Finally some lebensraum for ourselves. Now you might wonder why I used this old german propaganda term, and that's because it's 'Liberation Day' in the Netherlands today. We celebrate the end of the German occupation, and ofcourse that means party!

Anyway, beside the fun parts of moving, there are also drawbacks. These are mostly caused by other third parties, such as the company who installs your network and internet. They made a nice patchpanel for us, but they numbered the jacks wrong.. grrr. Anyway, they can fix it on monday. And they also need to fix the internet connection for us. We got a nice NATted line now, and that doesn't help much when you want a VPN from home to your office network.

I now going into heavy partying, take care!


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