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More goodies in the eZ Components

We just pushed out new alpha versions of five existing components. The changes to Authentication , Mail and Url are part of the new features that are going to be part of the next release of the eZ Components .

In the just released alpha versions you can find new features, such as better support for OpenID, a Database backend for OpenID authentication, a validating method for e-mail addresses, SMTP authentication support for DIGEST-MD5, CRAM-MD5, NTLM and LOGIN and encoding support for e-mail headers.

Those new features, together with other feature enhancements, as well as exciting new components such as Tree (creating, manipulating and querying of tree structures) and WebDav, will become eZ Components 2007.2 around the end of the year. Have a look at the roadmap if you want to get a full overview.


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