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Derick's MongoDB tour

It has been a while since I have written anything. In the last few months I have been busy rewriting the connection handling parts of the MongoDB driver for PHP. The next post will go deeper into that, and what else will be new in version 1.2 of the driver. Anyway.

Some time ago, my friend Ligaya Turmelle suggested that I should come and talk at the JaxPHP/JaxWeb, the PHP and web developers usergroup in Jacksonville, Florida. And while I was there, why not visit a few other user groups too?

At all the meetups, 10gen (my employer) has kindly provided some swag - and rumours go that I get to buy you guys and girls a drink as well.

In the end, after discussing with other web/PHP usergroups in the South East of the US, we came to the following schedule:

Boca Raton, Florida - SoFloPHP - Tuesday, September 18

The first stop is the South Florida group (SoFloPHP`) in Boca Raton. On the evening of the 18th, I will introduce MongoDB for PHP developers:

This talk introduces MongoDB for developers who aren't familiar with it with a detailed introduction of how to work with MongoDB from PHP. The talk will cover the basics from installing the PHP driver and connecting to mongoDB to creating, inserting, querying for, and updating documents. We will also briefly touch on aggregation, geospatial indexes, GridFS and running database commands.

I will focus on schema design and indexes, although I will also quickly cover the basics.

Orlando, Florida - The Orlando PHP User Group - Wednesday, September 19

After South Florida I will be making a stop at the Orlando PHP User Group. The abstract:

This talk introduces MongoDB for developers who aren't familiar with it through a detailed introduction of how to work with MongoDB from PHP. Derick will cover the basics: from installing the PHP driver and connecting to a MongoDB server to creating, inserting, querying, and updating documents. He'll also cover some accepted best practices in schema design and indexing.

There is also a related MongoDB event in Orlando, on September 6th there is an evening with MongoDB.

Jacksonville, Floria - JaxPHP/JaxWeb - Thursday, September 20

The third stop is in Jacksonville. In Jacksonville, the presentation will not be very PHP specific, and members of other user groups are most welcome to attend as well. You can RSVP at, and more information is available on the JaxPHP/JaxWeb website.

As other user groups are invited as well, I will keep my presentation as language agnostic as possible, and focus on schema design and indexing.

Atlanta, Georgia - Atlanta PHP User Group - Friday, September 21

I then leave Florida and head to Atlanta to talk at the Atlanta PHP User Group. In Atlanta, I will give a similar presentation as at the other user groups.

Nashville, Tennessee - Nashville PHP User Group - Monday, September 24

In Nashville, I will speak after the weekend at the Nashville PHP User Group. In this location, my talk focusses on:

Derick will be giving an introductory presentation covering the do's and don'ts, best practices and design schemas for MongoDB.


After the five user group appearences, I head to the North West of the USA for some R&R - after three weeks on the road (I speak at PFCongres before traveling to the USA) - I think I will need one!


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