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Missing signature violation warnings suck

I've been working on some code, while developing on PHP 5.3. The code resembles the following structure:

interface ezcSearchQuery
    public function limit( $limit, $offset = '' );
interface ezcSearchFindQuery extends ezcSearchQuery
class ezcSearchFindQuerySolr implements ezcSearchFindQuery
    public function limit( $limit = 10, $offset = 0 )
        $this->limit = $limit;
        $this->offset = $offset;

No problems at all while development, no warnings, no errors. Now when I deployed this on a PHP 5.2 machine it bombed out, with the following correct message:

Fatal error: Declaration of ezcSearchFindQuerySolr::limit() must be compatible with that of ezcSearchQuery::limit() in /tmp/index.php on line 11

And this really sucks. I made a mistake in my code (wrongly implemented interface) and I get no warning (not even E_STRICT)... and then deploy it and it bails out on me. We can't have this. We need warnings (actually, it should be E_FATAL) for those cases in order to avoid problems. I don't know how this check got removed, but it should be put back in ASAP!


This article has a short URL available:


this code throws a Fatal error under 5.2.5 and also under 5.2.6-RC3 for me so whats the problem?

@Marco: The problem is that there is no warning at all in PHP 5.3.

The problem is, that this has been changed in 5.3.

Actually there's nothing wrong with different parameters in an implemented method. It's something you won't want to do often but you will want to do it and so this categorically should not cause a fatal error. The language should not attempt to impose misguided rules upon us.

"while developing on PHP 5.3."

@Marco: read, read and read again :P "while developing on PHP 5.3" != "when I deployed this on a PHP 5.2 machine" :)

It sounds like an interesting feature to me, in 5.3. It kind of brings about a BC break, and from that point of view, the different error levels sounds acceptable. That said, i guess this should be better signified as one of the 5.2 -> 5.3 migration tricks. And the question of having properly discussed this feature on the php core mailing list prior to implementing it is yet another issue :)

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