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Long Time No Blog

It has been a while since I blogged. I've been busy with several things such as ApacheCon Europe and a week holiday at the Lofoten . But new exiting things are on the program. First of all PHP is finally getting ready for Unicode support--with brand new major version number "6". It is going to take quite some time to convert all the extensions to make use of this in a proper way. For me that means that I've to check the mcrypt extension (as that uses binary data and not strings), add locale support with ICU's new locale functions to the date extension. I will also be working on porting the other PHP functions that make use of the system locale to make use of the ICU locale system instead. Besides that I drafted a proposal for a new filter extension to safely deal with input variables. Stay tuned!


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Hey Derick, thanx for the update! I have read about the unicode support in the post above.

What is it about? What is the great difference and all the such? Can you please explain? I'm Greek and a write all my applications in Greek, so i'd like to know..

Thanx, Gonik

I hope it's ok to comment on your input filter stuff here.

First I find it a bit strange to have the filter return false, especially with a boolean filter. Wouldn't it be better to return null, which means something like no value or not of a given type.

Second both number_int and number_float should support negative numbers, which means not stripping a minus sign.

And how is $source interpreted? If I set $source to 3, which means GET and POST, and both have a variable named 'foo' - which one is returned?

b4n, nico

@Nico: I changed the false to null and removed the NOTICE, was already planning on that. As for the negative numbers, that's already in (with flags). $source was not supposed to be a bitmask so I changed that too.

Apparently you can now use unicode characters in naming classes, functions and variables names. I have not tested this yet, but it would be useful for numerous coders.


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