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Life Line

London at Night

A few days ago I finally wandered into London with a tripod and my camera. I've been meaning to do this for months and take long exposure shots of various places in London, as well as seeing whether I can make cool timelapses. I've only taken a few pictures near the Thames and the London Eye so far, with one timelapse of the London Eye. I am however planning to return for more. This photography trip also coincided with the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus.

Here are some of the images:


Jupiter and Venus next to Big Ben


A bus streaming past


Houses of parliament

And at last item, a timelapse of the London Eye:

The London Eye, spinning at 75 times its normal speed.

This timelapse was recorded with 802 images. Each image is taken 3 seconds after the previous one resulting in a speed-up of 75 times. Lighting has been manually monitored during the taking of the images.

The rest of the images are on flickr.


This article has a short URL available:


Love the shot of the bus and the video of the eye, nice work!

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